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Water tank Waterproofing
The overhead water tank which is leaking or damaged due to its age and weathering action needs to be treated internally and externally. The internal treatment is done after breaking the loose plaster/ cover concrete and treating the reinforcement against corrosion and converting the corroded steel (rust) to steel that can carry load through chemical treatment. Once we satisfy with the strength of the steel reinforcement which is the main load bearing member in the water tank, we protect the reinforcement with polymer modified mortar and normal cover concrete / plaster depending on the site condition.

The external surface after the above said treatment will be covered with elastomeric water proofing coating (that can elongate up to 200%) in the desired colour.

Membrane Waterproofing

Membranes are the barrier that acts as water proofing layer which stop water penetration to the roof structure. This treatment is most Suitable for roof lawns, parking decks, ramps and any type of roof. Depending on the type of roof and the site condition, decision of the suitable material as the membrane will be decided. Each materials has different characteristic and their method of application is also different. This can be used even to the new slabs as a sub layer before the conventional water proofing treatment. Considering the advantages such as highly flexible, non toxic, seamless, high UV resistance, etc, they can be used for water tanks, protection of bridge structure, tunnels and cooling towers. 

Crystalline Waterproofing
Crystalline water proofing system is a cementations system wherein the crystals added to the water proofing treatment blocks the pores, hairline cracks, etc and waterproof the surface and protects the steel reinforcements. The treatment formed a part of the structure can withstand a water head of 150 mtrs. Most suitable for water retaining structures such as Dams, reservoirs, over head water tanks, swimming pools, Water/ sewage treatment plants, harbours, canals, etc. The treatment also proved to be most efficient to basements, lift pits, inspection pits, etc. 

Terrace waterproofing by screed based method
A mixture of acrylic polymer and cement and other admixtures applied on the concrete/ cemented surface in layers with special application methods are proved as the most effective method. The structures includes the Hydro electric projects, industrial buildings and normal office/ commercial/ residential buildings.
The screed applied over the coating will protect and will give a longer life to the waterproofed surface and allow normal usage of the surface. 
Properly designed polymer mix has excellent adhesion both on the porous and non porous surfaces and has good water vapor permeability. They are non toxic hence can be used for surfaces that are in contact with portable water. The CO2 Barrier, provides anti carbonation benefits. 

External Wall Waterproofing 
Due to heavy monsoon and various atmospheric reactions, several cracks may develop on the external exposed wall surfaces. The wall - column / bean junctions normally are the weakest spots on the external walls. We have through as apart of our continuous research, developed a unique cost effective technique to treat the entire exposed surface. We also give importance to the looks of the structure and have developed coating which will give a fresh look to the building even after the crack filling is done on the external facade.
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