Concrete Pavement Service Provider: Foundation Projects
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Foundations Projects provides the Construction Services to build and rehabilitate roads and parking areas, to construct pavements in concrete or asphalt and install concrete curbs and sidewalks for projects large and small.

Whether contracted by a Provincial Ministry, a Municipality, a Development Corporation, a private owner, or as a subcontractor to another General Contractor, Foundations Projects has both the expertise and the depth of resources and to get the job done.

That depth of knowledge and experience along with years of both evolution and revolution in construction practice, have built The Miller Group's Road Construction and Paving Operations into the advanced organization it is today.

Foundations Projects is able to employ the broad resources of the group including a large number of gravel pits and quarries, concrete production facilities, and asphalt production facilities. These resources may be incorporated into project works, or employed on the basis of material sales.

In addition Foundations Projects possesses a wealth of experience in its staff, skilled both in project management as well as in work execution. The diversity of the staff's expertise along with a comprehensive fleet of equipment is available across the group.

Together all of these advantages make Foundations Projects the best choice for clients seeking a contractor for Road Construction and/or Paving Services.


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